Atomic Barbie Mouse Trap Review

The Atomic Barbie has a really weird name, but it’s a top-shelf pick for live (Humane) mouse and rat trap.

Okay so this one is technically marketed as a rat trap, but it also comes in a smaller size that is perfect for house for field mice.

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I have no idea who came up with the name for this thing, it is really weird and almost led me to not try it out in the first place. I wish I could speak to someone at that company and tell them that they are possibly missing out on a huge share of the market with this approach.

This is a very versatile live trap. It is capable of catching animals from mice and rats, to squirrels, rabbits, birds, possums, snakes, skunks, small raccoons, and many more.

The problem that can sometimes happen with these larger animal design traps is that the small mouse will not be heavy enough to trigger the mechanism that closes the cage. Not the case with the atomic Barbie, the trigger is extremely fine tuned and sensitive and when it speeded properly it will be triggered by even the smallest of animals.

What I find really sad is that a lot of people want to use a humane option, but what they have found it tried in the past hasn’t worked properly. The reaction and feedback that this product has gotten has been absolutely stellar.

I really hope that this will be a turning point in the past control market, where humane trapping and releasing becomes a viable option that more people adopt.

The build quality of this cage is absolutely second to none. It will not rust or corrode even when left outside to the elements for days at a time. I would never trust this kind of operation to a cheap plastic humane trap which I’ve seen in some stores.

The one downside that I can see is that it’s a little bit more expensive than snap traps. Then again you have to consider that you only have to buy one of these, and you can use it again and again for years and years.

If you have ever had your heart broken by trying a live trap that has worked in the past, I would strongly recommend that you give the atomic Barbie a real shot. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and take your time in beating the trap. I always recommend peanut butter for any kind of trap, as the animal has to sit in place for a while while eating.

You will be stunned by how quickly you will have a live catch in this thing. In many cases it’s less than 24 hours. As with all live cages, be extra careful and make sure that you check every few hours. A live mouse will quickly deteriorate into a dead mouse if it is left trap for days without food or water.

One last thing that is important, make sure that you actually relocates and not just release the critter. The best thing to do is to actually get into your car and drive out at least a mile away to some uninhabited or wooded area where you can release the animal. This way they do not just immediately returned to their nest which was probably in your house in the first place.

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