Plastic Mouse Traps – Superior to Old Fashioned Wood?

Are plastic mouse traps as good as their more traditional wooden counterparts?

I hate plastic junk.

If you’re anything like me, you have been disheartened by the way that manufacturing has gone downhill in the day and age. While you used to be able to trust that anything that you bought as a good quality and reliable product, that no longer seems to be the case. Almost everything that you see is some piece of junk, overseas-manufactured, throwaway item that probably won’t even make the trip to your house let alone last until the end of the year.

We’re all familiar with the Victor classic design that was invented in 1898. Since then a lot of new challengers have entered the field, and a lot of new companies are in the business of making plastic mousetraps. When I first saw that these traps were now made out of plastic, instead of wood, I thought that this was a cheap way to cut costs and to rip off the end customer.

When I started looking into it, however, I actually found that the plastic mouse traps are superior in many ways to their old wooden brethren.

Certain composite plastics these days can be extremely durable, so cheapness does not necessarily go with the territory. The JT Eaton brand of plastic mousetraps really excel in quality control at the factory, and I have never heard a case of one of these breaking on someone either during set up war while actually trapping and killing the mouse or rat.

Contrary to conventional wisdom the wood and metal trap is actually the least effective and most prone to breakage of all the models available today. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself, but the victor trap is it really just a piece of balsa wood. I still have the nostalgia and love for this old thing, it really revolutionized the industry and all of the competitors today would not be around if it was not for Victor and their original design. However it is simply impractical to manufacture a large-scale quantity of mousetraps using wood, this is where the plastic mouse trap really excels.

Plastic mouse traps are more reliable and effective, and produce a more ‘clean kill’.

plastic mouse traps better than wood
Plastics are really a modern miracle.

Plastic actually was not invented until 1907, so we can actually forgive the originator of the Victor trap for using the materials that were available at the time.


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