Best Mouse Poison Ever? – Top 3 Contenders and (Undisputed) Winner

Are you looking for an honest opinion on the best mouse poison available today?

Best Mouse Poison

I can’t blame you. Once you realize that your house is infested (or maybe even just one mouse sighting is too much for you) you want the job done right… the first time. 

Is poisoning the best option for you?

If it’s your first visit to this site, I would highly recommend taking a quick minute to review our Ultimate Mouse Trap Guide which covers the latest and greatest in humane, electrical, and snap traps.

I personally don’t love the idea of poisoning, from a humane perspective. If you think you only have one or a couple rodents in your home, I would first go back to that guide I linked above and explore one of those options.

A full blown infestation sometimes leaves no other options but to poison.

I changed my mind on this subject once I heard heartbreaking story after story of families who were just terrorized by a rodent infestation that would not quit after repeated attempts to trap or repel them.

Once several mice have taken up residence in the walls, roof, attic, floors, etc of your home, it’s time to up your game and bring out the heavy hitting mouse and rat poison.

The Best Mouse Poison I have found to date (check it out here)

Take a couple minutes to read through the reviews, and you’ll see why this seems to be America’s favorite mouse and rat poison. It works… plain and simple. It’s super-powerful stuff, and it really lives up to it’s name of “Just One Bite”. This stuff is lethal, and can neutralize a full blown infestation in a matter of hours if you place it right.

This stuff is NOT safe for pets, children, or anything other than the mice you want to eliminate. 

The key is too finding a place that is inaccessible to children and pets, but where you know those pesky mice are hiding.

The full list of contenders for best mouse poison.

  1. Farnam Just One Bite Bar. Active ingredient: Bromethalin. Extremely powerful in terms of killing populations of rodents. Be very careful while handling and use extreme caution around children and pets.
  2. JT Eaton Anticoagulant Bait Block Active ingredient : Diphacinone. Very economical but may take multiple feedings for rodenticide to fully work. Anticoagulents are the most widespread rat poisons available today. It interferes with the mice’s ability to naturally clot their blood and will lead to massive internal bleeding and death.
  3. Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx. Active ingredient: Diphacinone Very similar packaging as the JT Eaton product mentioned above. Comes in a tub and can be used equally effectively for both rats and mice.
  4. D-Con Bait Pellets. Active ingredient: Brodifacoum. Very effective for small mice, but may not work as well for larger rats and other rodents. Be careful, the pellet form of this rodenticide may make it appealing to birds, which will die nearly instantly after ingesting this.

Would you rather try a natural and safe method to repel mice? Try one of these products instead:

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Mothballs
  • Ultrasonic rodent repellent (the jury is still out on these, they’re not too expensive if you want to pick one up from Amazon and test it out)

New Here? Take a minute to check out our Ultimate Mouse Trap Guide, and get the best bang for your buck, before wasting your money on cheap crap that doesn’t work. 

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