5 Gallon Bucket Mouse Trap DIY from Reddit

Ok, here’s a new one for you. Let me know if any of you test this out 5 gallon bucket mouse trap successfully. 

I haven’t personally tried this yet, but I discovered it on Reddit and I think it’s quite interesting for those looking for a cheap and easy DIY trap. It’s centered around an ingenious little log roller, which turns an ordinary pail into a 5 gallon bucket mouse trap.

I’m going to warn you that the video may be a little graphic, if you have moral qualms about killing mice (skip below for a humane modification to the 5 gallon bucket mouse trap). It was especially shocking to me at first, as I had been under the impression that drowning would be the most cruel way to dispatch these furry invaders.

Surprisingly enough, many Reddit comments claimed that drowning was probably the safest and most humane of all the kill methods. This plethory of anecdotes is hardly scientific evidence, but it’s worth looking into and I’m going to be doing more research into the idea.

There’s also a non lethal variation of this 5 gallon bucket mouse trap, just making the following adjustments.

  • Remove the water from the bucket
  • Use a thin layer of non-toxic oil (vegetable, olive, etc…)

The mice will still fall off the roller in the same manner as the drowning bucket, but they will not drown. Usually they would be able to climb out of the bucket and escape, but greasing the bottom and sides with the oil will make it too slippery to do so.

Make sure to check and empty the bucket frequently.

If too many live mice are kept in the confined space for too long, there is a good chance of it turning into a Thunderdome-style death match where the critters rip each other to shreds. It will not be a pretty picture, and you can rest assured that you will have preferred the drowning death if this happens.

The roller reminds me of a challenge on one of those Japanese game shows.

Remember in the early to mid 00’s when there was a big craze of dubbing those shows in English for the American audience? I laughed along through a few episodes, but they always struck me as borderline offensive. First of all, I can almost guarantee that the English voiceover was not true to what the person had originally said.

The contestant would be speaking to the host in Japanese, perhaps expressing their enthusiasm to perform the upcoming challenge. Instead, the American voice would make some sort of dirty double entendre, making the enthusiasm level even more absurd.

Source (Reddit)

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